CyberFear supports PGP protocol.

You can generate or import PGP keys in your CyberFear account.

Key Strength - The strength of your PGP keys is determined by the number of bits. Keys with more bits are harder to break, but also take longer to use when encrypting and decrypting email. At this time 2048 bit keys are the recommended value and is the default selection. Increasing your key strength to 4096 or higher may prevent you from needing to generate new keys in the near future. Lower strength 1024 bit keys are available for compatibility reasons, but they are not recommended.

Fingerprint - The fingerprint for a PGP key is used for some key management tasks. Detailed information about PGP key fingerprints can be found at

The private key password - The private key password is used to secure your key. The security of your private key is important because it is required to decrypt and read your email.

What are PGP public and private keys? - Your public and private keys are used to encrypt and decrypt PGP encrypted emails. More information about how PGP works can be found on and the PGP Home Page

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