4 Critical Reasons Why You Should Use Encrypted Email Provider

In this article you will learn why it is so incredibly important to never use insecure email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and so on.

Reason 1. Email scanning

Every single email that you send or receive is scanned to strengthen your advertising profile and provide you with more personalized ads.

Gmail admits to even sharing access to this private data with third-parties, meaning that advertisers get access to your email data.

It is a gross invasion on your privacy.

Reason 2. Three letter agencies

Government authorities can read your email without valid court order.

Yahoo, one of the most popular email providers, was found to scan customer emails for FBI/NSA. [source]

This problem is not exclusive to USA only.

Reason 3. "I have nothing to hide" - is that so?

Your email data contains all your online shopping history.

Let's take quick look at US history. From 1933 to 1964 owning and trading gold was a criminal offense. What if next year there will be a government change which will introduce some sort of similar prohibition laws?
They will be able to easily check who's in possession of certain goods.

There are many bizarre laws around the world. In many countries homosexuality is still a crime.

Don't let anyone tell you that if you have nothing to hide then you don't need privacy. You might need it tomorrow but it will be already too late.

Reason 4. Data leaks

Even the biggest online services occasionally get hacked and have their customer data leaked to public.
For example, Yahoo experienced a number of data breaches, one of which exposed private data of 3 billion users. Yahoo doesn't encrypt customer data therefore anyone with an access to the server can read it like an open book.

Upon a successful hacker attack, your data is not only accessible to advertisers and US Intelligence agencies, but also to some truly shady individuals. This kind of data leaks can put you into a real danger.
Not only your emails are exposed, but also your contacts. Hackers can use your reputation to attack people from your contact list.
Moreover, someone who has access to your email, can reset your passwords on other websites such as PayPal to steal your money.

Conclusion - Use Secure Email Provider

Encrypted Email Providers

You can avoid all the 4 risks by simply using encrypted anonymous email providers.

Cryptography allows us to easily and automatically encrypt all your data to protect you from data leaks, advertiser scanning and government surveillance.

Usage of encrypted email service is just as easy as usage of Gmail or Yahoo.
Online security isn't reserved only for tech geeks!

Which email provider you should use?

We invite you to sign up at cyberfear.com.

It is an end-to-end encrypted email provider with no logging policy.
You can anonymously register an account without giving out any personal details.
The cost is $18 annually ($1.50/month).

My recommendation is to keep your private information - private.
Just a little piece of advice from your friend Alex.

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